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Clinical Applications / Maxillofacial traumas

In the area of Maxillofacial surgery, EINCOBIO solutions with its OSTEOSYNT products are used in the reconstruction of fractures, in orthognathic surgeries, in the treatment of congenital deformity such as cleft lip and palate, and in bone losses such as those caused by cysts and tumors.

OSTEOSYNT products may be used in different forms: Granules, blocks, or customized implants according to the best indication for each specific case, in the following procedures:

• Mandibular reconstruction
• Cystic injury filling
• Reconstruction of fracture sequelae
• Reconstruction of facial bones
• Increase of edges
• Maintenance of reconstructed spaces
• Le Fort surgeries
• Alveolar filling
• Implantology

Click here to download sheet of Maxillofacial traumas
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