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Clinical Applications / Neurosurgery

The major indication for custom made implants is for facial and cranial bone defects as they match the different needs of each patient.

As these bones have a different structure in order to provide protection for the brain, they are lighter and more resistant than those of the rest of the body. Their regeneration is slower.

Besides the reconstructive treatment, this technique also serves as anatomical and aesthetics resource, obeying the principles of bio architecture with perfect welding to the adjacent bone structure.

In the Neurosurgery, EINCOBIO biosolutions can be used in cases such as:

• Cranioplasties (including larger scale application)
• Facial reconstructions and reconstructions of the cranium in general
• Tumors and column arthrodesis

Arthrodesis Granules/Cages
Tumors Granules/implants
Vertebroplasty Customized implants/Blocks
Cranioplasty Customized implants/Granules
Craniotomy Bottons/Granules
Intersomatic Devices (Cages)
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