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Clinical Applications / Coating

OSTEOSYNT is also used to apply coating by plasma spray on Schanz Pins, prosthesis, metal plates and fixation screws, among various others implants. This allows a better adhesion of the tissue due to the rough and wrinkled surface, also creating superior mechanical resistance.

This technique allows OSTEOSYNT to adhere itself to the surface between the devices and the bone, leading to an osseointegration between the coating and organic tissues. The method allows the reinforcment of the torque and its release only by torsion strength.

The technique provided by EincoBio eliminates the possible looseness of the metallic device inside the bone in which can cause a inflammatory process, exudates and infections. This technique consolidates itself daily by its efficacy and predictable results, mainly when there is the presence of pathological diseases such as osteoporosis.

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- Dentistry
- Implantology
- Maxillofacial Surgery
- Craniofacial Surgery
- Neurosurgery
- Plastic Surgery
- Oncology
- Orthopaedics Surgery
- Coating
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