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Products Catalog / 3D Prototyping

The customized special implants with OSTEOSYNT for bone reconstruction and anatomic and aesthetics repair, are manufactured with an innovative and pioneering technology of prototyping that allows the construction of a digital model of customized implants for each case.

The implants manufactured by prototyping 3D are indicated mainly in the cases of carriers of oncologic diseases and of cranial-facial trauma.

• Produces new bone suture;
• Maintains continuity of the anatomic structure;
•Allows muscle adherence;
• Allows tissue incorporation and organic fluid flow;
• Options of reabsorption rates according to the indication;
• Rapid attendance and delivery time;
• High national technology;
• Technical assistance of the manufacturer.

  • The implants are manufactured through images obtained by a computerized tomograph or by magnetic resonance and are worked by three-dimensional graphic computing (3D).

  • or manufacturing of the implant there are considered aesthetics, anatomic and physiological aspects of the patient, the mechanic resistance and the organic interaction, respecting the limits of each case.

  • Thus, the surgeon can evaluate all the surgery characteristics, reducing its time and its risks with predictable results.

The minimum requirements for three-dimensional bone reconstruction using tomographs...
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For budgeting purposes, use our tool to upload the files in DICOM format (customers only).
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