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OSTEOSYNT is also used to do coating by plasma spray of the Shanz pins, metal plates, fixation screws, prosthesis, among various others, allowing a better adhesion of the tissue to the implant due to the rough and wrinkled surface, for having superior mechanical resistance.

This technique permits OSTEOSYNT to fit to the contact surface between the fasteners and /or structures with the bone, by osteointegration between the coating and organic tissues. The method allows the reinforced torque movement and its release is only possible by twist strength.


Thus it is eliminated the possible relaxation of the structure inside the bone, that can cause inflammatory process, exudates, and possible infectious processes. This technique consolidates itself daily for its efficiency and results, mainly when there is the presence of pathological processes such as osteoporosis

The Products
Quant. envelope
Bioceramic coating material on
pins for external fixation
200 mm - 6.0 mm diameter
01 unit.
OSPF M6 L200
200 mm - 4.5 mm diameter
OSPF M4,5 L200
150 mm - 3.5 mm diameter
OSPF M3,5 L150
100 mm - 2.5 mm diameter
OSPF M2,5 L100
60 mm - 2.0 mm diameter
For other devices, please consult us
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