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The Company / History

Eincobio is a genuine Brazilian company, pioneered since 1985 in the area of bioengineering for the repair, reconstruction and regeneration of organs, systems and living tissues focusing mainly on bone.

The company combines specialized knowledge with high technology and the development of Biosolutions, based on the organic principles. These biosolutions favor natural interactions with substances and structures of the body and lead to distinctions that transform OSTEOSYNT into an innovative technology that is a worldly market reference in the recons-truction of bone tissue.

EincoBio also manufactures customized implants, providing flexibility and accurate solutions attending the doctors and the patients needs. They were the first products with these characteristics to be registered in Brazil and to have their commercialization standardized and regulated. EincoBio has patented their materials in 1991 (IPI 9104220-8), along with the bone morphogenetic complex and its principles.

Besides manufacturing and commercializing OSTEOSYNT, EincoBio is a raw material supplier for biotechnology companies that develop complementary products and also performs licensing of product purchasing with specific marks.

The group responsible for EincoBio has a strong presence in the area of biotechnology. By supporting and creating partnership with renowned institutions in Brazil and abroad, EincoBio promotes and consolidates the technological autonomy of the Country in the area of biotechnology. It has founded the Brazilian Institute of Biomaterials – IBB, and the Latin-American Society of Biomaterials and Artificial Organs – SLABO.

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