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Eincobio is a genuinely brazilian company, that pioneeringly works since 1985 in the area of bioengineering for the repair, reconstitution and regeneration of organs, systems and living tissues, mainly bone.

OSTEOSYNT®, manufactured by EincoBio, is used in Medicine and Odontology for long bone reconstruction, recovery of lost areas, correction of natural bone loss occurred over years and also for aesthetics aims, plastic surgery, as well as various others.. Find out more

3D Prototyping

Innovative and pioneering technology of prototyping that allows the construction of a digital model of customized implants for each case.
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The minimum requirements for three-dimensional bone reconstruction using tomographs.Find out more
Osteosynt Products

OSTEOSYNT® is a third generation bioceramics composed mainly by HA (hidroxiapatite) and (ßTCP) calcium (tri) phosphate presenting two phases - one more soluble and the other more stable - which define it as being biphasic and containing micro and macro pores.


Drug Delivery: incorporation and release of the drugs
Reabsorption rate according to each necessity of stability
100% biocompatible
Eincobio solutions with its OSTEOSYNT® products are available in a variety of forms, offering the professional the opportunity to choose the one that better attends his/her needs.
The association of stem cells and OSTEOSYNT indicate a great potencial for the development of new therapeutic techniques to treat extensive bone losses
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Scientific Papers
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