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Osteosynt / About

OSTEOSYNT®is a mark of materials manufactured by EinBio, used in Medicine and Odontology for the repair of small and big bone defects, long bone reconstruction, recovery of lost areas, correction of natural bone loss occurred over years and also for aesthetics aims, plastic surgery, as well as various others.

OSTEOSYNT® is a third generation bioceramics composed mainly by HA (hidroxiapatite) and (ßTCP) calcium (tri) phosphate presenting two phases - one more soluble and the other more stable - which define it as being biphasic and containing micro and macro pores.


These characteristics of the product allow it to be produced in different relations of HA/BTCP, making it possible to have various rates of reabsorption as bone substitute, such as:

HA BTCP Rate of reabsorption
80% 20% Larger stability and slower reabsorption
60% 40% Medium stability and medium reabsorption
20% 80% Less stability and faster reabsorption


  • Intrinsic osteoinductor: capacity of bearing osteogenesis and dif ferentiation of cells
  • Osteoconductor: supplies an interconnected structure that allows the migration of new cells and formation of new vessels, and the continuation of the osteogenesis process
  • Necessary scaffold for the reconstruction process
  • Reabsorption rate according to each necessity of stability
  • Good neoformation even in areas of less vascularization
  • Allows the neovascularization of the injury area
  • It does not need the addition of an y exogenous component like BMPs
  • Easy radiologic identification for the high concentration of calcium phosphate radiopacity
  • 100% biocompatible: without reaction of strange object and risks of disease transmission
  • Adequate mechanical resistance
  • Gradual substitution by the new tissue
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